ClassOne Equipment Introduces Two New Takano Particle Inspection Systems to Replace Outdated Legacy Tools

Atlanta, GA – April 27, 2022  – ClassOne Equipment has just introduced two new high-performance Takano particle inspection systems for ≤200mm and ≤300mm unpatterned wafers. ClassOne was recently selected to be Takano’s exclusive inspection tool representative for North America, Europe, and Israel. The announcement was made by ClassOne’s CEO, Byron Exarcos, and Takano of America’s General Manager, Roy Izai.

The first new system is the Takano WM-7SR, which is designed for particle inspection of 50mm to 200mm unpatterned silicon wafers with open-cassette handling. The second new system is the Takano WM-10, which inspects 150mm to 300mm bare wafers with single and dual open-cassette, or single and dual FOUP handler configurations. 

“These are two very important new tools,” said Exarcos. “Because for over 20 years the industry has had to make do with used and outdated legacy equipment for inspecting ≤200mm and ≤300mm wafers. And today those old systems are hard to find and difficult to maintain. Fortunately, with these new Takano tools we can give our customers brand-new particle inspection systems with leading-edge specifications and performance – and at a very attractive price, only marginally higher than refurbished legacy systems!” 

“It’s also significant that these tools have a proven track record,” said Izai. “Because although the WM-7 and WM-10 series are just now being introduced into North America and Europe, hundreds of these tools are already in daily use throughout Japan and Asia.”

Takano’s state-of-the-art design and technology ultimately translate into industry-leading capabilities: The WM-7SR is able to provide 0.079μm defect sensitivity, and the WM-10 delivers 0.048μm defect sensitivity. A broad suite of display outputs is available, including Map Overlays, Haze Measurements, XY Coordinates and more. Equipment performance and throughputs are enhanced by advanced components such as high-power Intel i7 processing, Windows 10 operating system, a 3-year, long-life laser diode source, and much more. All Takano inspection systems come with a one-year warranty; and OEM parts and support are available long term, all through ClassOne Equipment. For additional information, contact: