Used Dicing Saws for Semiconductor, MEMS, and Nanofabrication Applications!

ClassOne Equipment carries a wide variety of used dicing saws for Semiconductor, MEMS, and Nanofabrication applications. As with all of our refurbished equipment, our used dicing saws are from top manufacturers Disco, K&S, and ADT. When you purchase used dicing saws from ClassOne Equipment, you can always be certain that you are getting a top quality system at a truly competitive price.

Each of our used dicing saws goes through an extensive refurbishment process prior to customer delivery. Our technicians are former Disco and K&S factory trained. They are extremely knowledgeable and follow factory approved procedures throughout the refurbishment process. All parts used in the refurbishment process are ordered directly from the factory. Our refurbishment process delivers used dicing saws that meet all original factory specifications.

Our inventory of used dicing saws is among the finest available.  Our inventory usually includes the most popular models from Disco, ADT, and K&S such as:

  • Disco DAD 321 Dicing Saw
  • Disco DAD-341 Dicing Saw
  • Disco DFD-651 Dicing Saw
  • Disco DAD-3350 Dicing Saw
  • K&S 982 and 984 Series
  • K&S 780 Series
  • ADT 7100 Dicing Saw

When you purchase a used dicing saw from ClassOne Equipment, you can be certain that you are getting a high quality piece of equipment that will be operational for years to come. We refurbish our used dicing saws to their original factory specifications and guaranteed them to meet OEM specifications.  As with all of our equipment, we offer worldwide installation and training.

On top of our superior quality, you can also be assured we will stand behind all of our equipment. We back all of our used dicing saws with a 6 month warranty and a 30 day right of return. Normal delivery on our used dicing saws is between 3 and 6 weeks. However, some of our used dicing saws can be delivered in as little as 2 weeks.

You simply won’t find a company more dedicated to providing top quality used dicing saws at truly affordable prices. View our list of available used dicing saws, or email us at for more information.