High Quality Used Semiconductor Equipment from ClassOne Equipment

While some may consider the purchase of used semiconductor equipment risky, those who do their research know that top quality equipment is available at affordable prices.  The process of purchasing used semiconductor equipment must include due diligence.  If you are doing your research, we’re confident you’ll find out that one of the top suppliers of used semiconductor equipment is ClassOne Equipment.  Here are just a few of the reasons why used semiconductor equipment from ClassOne Equipment is so desirable.

  • Quality. The used semiconductor equipment offered by ClassOne Equipment comes from the finest manufacturers in the world. Our top tier equipment comes from well known and respected companies such as KLA-Tencor, Nanometrics, Hitachi, Suss Microtec, EV Group (EVG), Semitool, Oxford Instruments, and others. When you start with the best manufactured equipment, ensuring your used semiconductor equipment is of the highest quality is easy.
  • Reliability. At ClassOne Equipment, we strive to have our used semiconductor equipment be the most reliable in the industry. Prior to leaving our Atlanta facility, each system is fully refurbished to meet original factory specifications. Our attention to detail through the refurbishment is second to none and can be confirmed by many of our happy customers (references available at anytime!).  We offer installation and training of our equipment, and we provide ongoing support for our used semiconductor equipment, worldwide.  In the semiconductor industry, equipment downtime is unacceptable; we work hard to ensure that your used semiconductor equipment will be one of the most reliable tools you purchase.  Again, we have many references available upon request!
  • Warranty. Supporting our used semiconductor equipment with a warranty is non-negotiable at ClassOne. Each piece of equipment we sell comes backed with a minimum 6 month warranty and a 30 Day Right of Return. We want you to be as comfortable with our used semiconductor equipment as we are. Backing our used semiconductor equipment with a warranty that is unmatched in the industry is a source of pride to ClassOne Equipment.
  • Cost Savings. The value offered by our used semiconductor equipment is important to many of our clients. With cost savings as high as 60%, ClassOne puts the best quality used semiconductor equipment within reach.

For more reasons why used semiconductor equipment from ClassOne Equipment is sought after by institutions around the world, call our offices at +1-770-808-8708 or email us at sales@ClassOneEquipment.com.