ClassOne Counter-Sues OEM Group Inc.

Atlanta, Georgia – ClassOne Equipment announced today that yesterday it has filed a countersuit against OEM Group Inc, of Phoenix, AZ.  In its response to OEM Group’s allegations that Semitool Spray Solvent Tools (SST) sold by ClassOne infringe four patents originally granted to Semitool, and in September of 2013 assigned to OEM Group, ClassOnehas stated that the hardware covered by the patents does not exist on the tools.  ClassOne has also stated that even if the hardware did exist, as a refurbisherClassOne can rightfully refurbish tools that were legally obtained (as all ClassOne’stools are), and that customers who purchase them also would not infringe.  ClassOne has also petitioned the court for a preliminary injunction prohibiting OEM Group from making any false or misleading statements regarding their intellectual property rights, and ClassOne’s product offerings.

“We have carefully reviewed the patents in question and feel that OEM Group’s lawsuit is without merit.  Two of the patents relate to a type of seal that is not found on any of our tools, and two patents relate to a particular type of in-line heater that is also not found on any of our tools,” said Kevin Witt, ClassOne’s VP of Technology.  “We have responded clearly that we do not infringe (as OEM Group has claimed) and look forward to our day in court where we will prove these claims to be false.”  Byron Exarcos, President and Founder of ClassOne added “Our countersuit asserts that OEM Group has falsely presented its intellectual property position and made misleading statements to customers in order to harass ClassOne, and to unfairly deter customers from doing business with anyone but OEM Group.  ClassOne respects the intellectual property rights of others and feels that honest competition is based upon the merits of the product and the integrity of the company that stands behind it.  ClassOne is a healthy competitor and looks forward to building on the momentum of our successes in the marketplace.”

ClassOne completed 2013 profitably which has resulted in an 18% CAGR over the period starting in 2003.  By providing high quality refurbished tools at prices significantly lower than new tools, as well as customer-first service, ClassOne’sproducts provide value to 75 to 300mm device manufacturers in a range of markets including MEMsNanotech, Automotive, LED, RF, and Power Devices.


About ClassOne Equipment

ClassOne Equipment ( is a recognized leader in the business of equipment refurbishment with over 2,500 tools installed world-wide in four key markets:  Semitool Wet Chemical Processing, SPTS Plasma Etching & PECVDSuss/EVG Mask Aligners, and KLA-Tencor Wafer Inspection.   Known for superior quality 75 to 300mm equipment, customer-first service, and its 30-day unconditional return policy, the ClassOne team has been winning and serving customers in the traditional semiconductor and emerging technology sectors for over 10 years.


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