Semitool Wet Process Equipment

Semitool Wet Process Equipment

ClassOne Equipment is the leader in refurbished Semitool Wet Process Equipment including Spray Acid Tools (SAT), Spray Solvent Tools (SST), Spin Rinse Dryers (SRD), and Electro-Chemical Deposition (ECD) Plating tools. Our Semitool factory-trained technicians provide a complete turn-key solution from a fully refurbished system meeting original specifications to installation and training at your facility with after-sales service and parts support. We back our systems with an industry-leading 6 or 12 month warranty and a 30-day return policy. Buying refurbished equipment can save you up to 65% off OEM prices while providing the same exceptional quality and performance you demand. Our Semitool product line consists of:

SEMITOOL SST: Spray Solvent Tool is the world standard for batch wafer processing for metal lift-off, resist removal, and wafer cleaning applications for up to 200mm wafers.  

SEMITOOL SAT: Spray Acid Tool is designed for batch wafer processing for acid etch or clean processes for up to 200mm wafers.

SEMITOOL EQUINOX: Designed for single wafer processes, Equinox comes in both solvent and acid configurations.  This Equinox is an industry standard for lift-off process, wafer cleaning, as well as acid etch.

SEMITOOL SPIN RINSE DRYERSemitool SRD is the world standard for wafer cleaning, rinsing, and drying.  ClassOne offers single and dual stack SRDs for wafers sizes 2” up to 8” in diameter as well as square substrates.

LIFT-ROTATE ASSEMBLY REFURBISHMENT: ClassOne provides repair and refurbishment of Lift-Rotate Assemblies for Equinox, LT210C, Paragon, and Raider platforms.  

ClassOne provides parts and field service support for all our core refurbished Semitool systems offered. We have over 5000 parts in stock for support of Equinox, Paragon, LT210C, Raider, SST, SAT, Sceptor, and SRD systems. Please contact us for more info.  



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