Plasmatherm SLR-720 RIE ICP

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Plasmatherm SLR-720 RIE ICP for sale
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ICP, 8"/200mm wafers max, single load-locked chamber, 10" Electrode, Chlorine Chemistry
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PLASMATHERM SLR-720 ICP consisting of:

- Model: SLR-720
- ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma)
- Single chamber with load lock
- Currently set to run 4"/100mm Wafers
- Can process up to 8"/200mm wafers
- 10" Electrode
- Chlorine Etch Chemistries
- Leybold Turbo Pump
- Dual RF
- RFPP RF5S 500W RF Generator
- Advanced Energy RF-20MWC 2000W 2MHz RF Generator
- 2 Vacuum Pumps
- Chiller
- Power Box
- Process Software
- MKS MFC''s (Qty 7 installed)
- Set of Operation Manuals
- Gas Configuration (8 MFCs):
Line 1 โ€“ 100cc BCl3 with bypass
Line 2 โ€“ 100cc HBr with bypass
Line 3 โ€“ 100cc Ar, no bypass
Line 4 โ€“ 200cc O2 no bypass
Line 5 โ€“ 100cc SF6 no bypass
Line 6 โ€“ currently unused
Line 7 โ€“ 100cc Cl2 no bypass


- Chamber disassembled for refurbishment.
- Chamber received full wet clean.
- Chamber o-rings and seals are replaced with brand new.
- Electrostatic Chuck (ESC) sent out for refurbishment (if applicable)
- All MFCs rebuilt and calibrated professionally.
- All corrosive gas lines replaced with brand new.
- All Non-corrosive gas lines cleaned.
- Vacuum pumps professionally rebuilt.
- Turbo pump professionally rebuilt.
- Chillers serviced and fully tested.
- All wiring/wire harnesses are checked, repaired or replaced if needed.
- All liquid and air lines, tubing and fittings checked and replaced if necessary.
- Major components disassembled for checkout, servicing, cleaning, and lubricating. Parts are repaired or replaced as needed.
- Checkout of all electronic and mechanical parts.
- Machine covers are cleaned, polished or replaced as needed.
- Equipment is fully tested to verify compliance to specifications.
- Post-refurbishment system leak and RF calibration checks, with documentation provided to customer.
- System cycle and repeatability testing completed prior to cover replacement and wipe down.
- System components carefully packed, labeled, and professionally crated.


Excellent Condition Guaranteed.
6 Month Warranty.
30 Day Right of Return.


10-12 weeks

      ID#:  3984