Hitachi S-9360 SEM

Hitachi S-9360 SEM

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Hitachi S-9360 SEM for sale
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Hitachi S-9360 SEM
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HITACHI S-9360 SEM consisting of:

- Model: S-9360 CD-SEM
- Dual FOUP Handler
- Currently configured for 6"/150mm & 8”/200mm wafers
- Can be configured for 8"/200mm & 12"/300mm wafers
- Resolution: 3.0nm
- Acceleration voltage: 300V to 1,600V
- System matching: < 2.0 nm
- Visual field positioning accuracy: ±1 μm
- MAM time (Move Acquire Measure): < 6 sec
- CD repeatability: Static: 2nm (3 sigma)
- Dynamic: Line < 2.4nm, Space < 3nm
- Stage stop accuracy: < 3 um
- Particles: < 7 per pass
- Throughput: 55 wph (based on 5 point measurement)

- System Software Version:
Host: 18.2A
SEM: 18.26
IPS: 18.23 (4500)
IPS_V: 18.20
VIPS: 06.97
DSP: 11.10

Note: The S-9360 CD SEM is similar to the S-9260, but the 9360 can easily accommodate either 150/200mm or 200/300mm wafers at the same time, with no downtime to convert to different wafer sizes.


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      ID#:  4121